our company carved out a career of producing locks, especially the more refined combination lock. In the initial stage, we started with OEM products to mainly supply each big trader and domestic sales.
after Jae You Co.Ltd. was taken over by the second generation, the company was even engrossed in the product research and development. Especially in making thorough study in bikes combination lock improvement, it had let this company occupy some part of the market of combination lock field in Taiwan, and so far our company has applied for many patents in Taiwan, United States, Germany, Japan.

the products of our company had participated in the product originality design held by TBEA, and was awarded the Champion in lock, and bell category. This shows that the product of our company has been continuously improved and we are even the company that each large lock company of the world is cooperating with.

Jae You will be in conformity with the consumers’ viewpoint and to habitually open up and exploit new products. And for the customers request of ODM, our company also has high cooperation, since the majority of world product nowadays trend to be small quantity but diversified. And also, our company plans to expand the products field to the household hardware, the lock of car, motorbike and some special lock, because the slogan of Jae You is prospect, originality, and dependable.