• 4-digit resettable combination and key cable lock.
  • The lock with comb & key when you forget combination you can use key to unlock the lock and you can search back code of you forget and to be used one more time.
  • JY-166P Plastic Wheel.
  • JY-166M Metal Wheel.
8mm24″ (60cm)36″ (90cm)48″ (120cm)60″ (150cm)72″ (180cm)
10mm24″ (60cm)36″ (90cm)48″ (120cm)60″ (150cm)72″ (180cm)
12mm24″ (60cm)36″ (90cm)48″ (120cm)60″ (150cm)72″ (180cm)
15mm24″ (60cm)36″ (90cm)48″ (120cm)60″ (150cm)72″ (180cm)